Things you only understand as a cheerleader - VOL. 4

“You´re a cheerleader? Wow, so cool! So, for which NFL Team do you cheer? Do you know Cam Newton?” Even though not everybody is so small-minded that he links cheerleading only to the NFL, there are plenty of myths out there about us and our sport. This series will bust the most common myths. Feel free to use it to explain people what it’s all about.

1) Cheerleading is not a sport

If you hear somebody saying that, first of all consider if you ever want to talk to her or him again. Second, simple as it is: take them with you to the next practice and let them train with you. Tell them to make a split. They can’t? Well, surprise. Cheerleaders are not lifting weights, they are lifting each other. Cheerleaders are #liftingathletes. While a quarterback throws a ball, you throw your flyer. That does not mean that other sports are not demanding as well, but whoever tells you that cheerleading is not a sport simply has never given it a try.

2) All cheerleaders are female

If girls do believe this myth, maybe you should let them believe it. We know that cheerleading has some of the most attractive males of all sports, by being flexible, athletic, charming and used to getting along well with girls. Therefore, let’s not talk about it too much and just enjoy the situation of having those hidden gems for us alone.

3) All cheerleaders are blond

Have you ever heard of diversity? Neither the color of your hair, nor your skin color make you a good cheerleader. It doesn’t even make you a bad one. Cheerleaders are made from practicing and hard work, you’re not born as one. Nothing to add to that.

4) Cheerleading is not dangerous

Cheerleading is the most dangerous sports in the world for women – period.

A study of the American Academy of Pediatrics, published in 2012, claims that cheerleading is responsible for the highest rate of catastrophic injuries.

Therefore, make sure you always warm up properly before cheering, take care of each other and only cheer when you are able to focus completely on what you are doing. Don’t be a risk to yourself or to anybody else.

5) Cheerleaders have to be small and extremely skinny

First of all, everybody is beautiful. Second, your height or your weight aren’t crucial factors when it comes to becoming a cheerleader. All those factors might affect your position in the squad, but not at all whether or not you can become a cheerleader. It also does not determine whether you’re good at it or not.

In summary, cheerleading is different from what most people think. Best is to take them to practice or to the next competitions with you to show them what it’s really all about.

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