Things you only understand as a cheerleader - Vol. 3

Whenever you started with cheerleading, sooner or later you did find yourself a role mode. It might be your coach, a famous cheerleader that you saw on Instagram or maybe on of your teammates. But now it´s time to become one on your own. This is our list of "5 Things That Make A Cheerleading Role Model"

1) Be enthusiastic

You are an ambassador for this wonderful sport and this is how the world should see you. You are never tired of telling the people why cheerleading is so great, where they can start cheering or who can pick them up for a Try-Out. You hand out flyers for your team at local events and you go wherever they ask you to go to promote the team or upcoming championships.

2) Guide the younger ones

If you become a cheerleading role model, be well aware that this might have an great impact on your younger team mates. Take care that you behave well while having them around, don´t swear, assist them while stunting and stay longer in the gym, in order to help them stand their stunts. Eventually, you should become a coach. Nobody else has a greater impact on the gym and the younger ones than them.

3) Work hard

Sportive success is not mandatory to become a real role model, but it surely helps. Why? Because success if often earned by hard work. Trying the same stunt all over again until you are finally capable of reapting it eternaly without dropping. Be the best version of yourself and show the world what you can achive, if you believe in it and if you work harder than everybody else.

4) A little bit of advertisment

The more people know you, the more might identify you as their personal role model. Moreover, this point goes hand in hand with 1) to become an ambassador for cheerleading as a sport. Why not become an ambassador for a cheerleading brand? If you want to become an official 8beats and SWEDISH FALL ambassador, click here.

5) Be proud of yourself

Whenever you will have success in something, people will be jealous. That´s how it is, but that is something that should not affect you at all. Your personality makes you who you are today, your personality inspires people, your personality brought you to the top. Do not be arrogant or selfish, but be proud of yourself and what you have achieved, simply because you can.

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