Things you only understand as a cheerleader - Vol. 2

Regardless of which team, which country, or which division you cheer in, you will surely recognize those five types of cheerleader within your team.

1) The cheer mum to be

Although probably still far from having children on her own, she has adopted you and your other teammates and takes care of you 24/7.

When you participate in a competition, she has probably prepared snacks or lunch bags for the whole squad, with sweets that you have not seen or eaten since you have been 6 years old. Additionally, she brought at least one additional pair of shoes, an additional towel and pretty much an additional piece of everything, to be sure that everybody is supplied properly.

Plus: You will always have everything you need, even if you did not bring it yourself.

Minus: You might gain one, two or twenty pounds, due to her never-ending food supply.

2) The one that’s always late

You are planning to attend the nationals and are talking about when to take the bus or when to meet somewhere? Make sure to tell her to meet you at least 30 minutes before the actual meeting time, if you want to have at least a small chance of her showing up in time. She usually depends a lot on 1), as she won’t only be late, but surely has also forgotten half of her luggage. Nevertheless, that does not make her annoying, as she will always find a curious and funny excuse for showing up late, like “I wanted to warm up, so I went running and did not find the way back home”.

Plus: Always has a funny excuse for showing up late.

Minus: Well, the name somehow explains it quite well.

3) The couple

If you have at least one boy in the squad, you will certainly have them: the couple.

Besides being too touchy during practice and always telling each other how great they look (“My bae’s the most beautiful of them all”), it is pretty fun to watch them stunt together, especially during the first tries. Being so focussed on not starting a fight about who dropped the stunt, it’s the greatest pleasure for everybody else to mock them that it happened. Still, they are so close (together) that you’re still waiting for them to merge into a single person.

Plus: Teasing them is the greatest fun during a hard practice.

Minus: So sweet together, you might get diabetes.

4) The little sunshine

It’s raining? You failed your last test? Absolutely does not matter anymore, as soon as she has entered the gym. Grinning from one ear to the other, the sun rises when she’s around. Constantly being in a good mood and optimistic, she is the one that will keep your motivation high at any given opportunity. You did not make it to the nationals? “Doesn´t matter, next year will be ours”. Her attitude towards new challenges is nearly scarily open-minded and she will always give your cheer squad the push you need.

Plus: Makes every situation a happier one.

Minus: Doesn’t run out of energy, like a solar power plant. Even if you just want to sleep in the bus.

5) The one that’s too much into it

In contrary to 4), this cheerleader is already starting to shout before even entering the hall. You hear her complaining about your “poor” performance during the last practice and competition before you even see her. It doesn’t matter if you have become national champion or last place, you could have always done better. Fun to be with is probably not the description you would use for her, but she indeed makes your team better with her perfectionism. Good to have her on the team if you want to win competitions, not so good to have a relaxed time.

Plus: Improves your team’s performance.

Minus: Girl, just calm down!

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