Things you only understand as a cheerleader - Vol. 2

Regardless of which team, which country, or which division you cheer in, you will surely recognize those five types of cheerleader within your team.

1) The Flexible One

Are you kidding me? Without warming up, this one is pulling the hardest body positions and while doing so, she’s asking how my day was? Girl, I am already running on empty just after getting into this outfit. The flexible one is definitely somebody to be jealous of. She can do every new position on the first or second try and doesn’t even sweat while practicing.

Plus: You might be jealous, but the other teams will hate you for having her.

Minus: Constantly shows you how good you could be if you stretched more.

2) The Lazy One

If you don’t have a lazy one on the team, it is probably you. ;)

During warm up, the lazy one spends hours tying her shoelaces that have coincidentally opened during training – on both shoes – does not mind to skip one or another exercise and generally finishes practice a few minutes earlier. During your routine, the lazy one takes the position with the least movements and likes to stay in the background so nobody recognizes if some of her moves are randomly replaced by fancy interpretations of what could also look like a bee’s attack.

Plus: Is always up for a good conversation during practice.

Minus: If you have a lazy base or backspot, better hope she pays attention while catching you.

3) The Strong One

If you are a flyer, she certainly is your favourite base and if you are a base, then that’s the one with whom you like to build towers. She doesn’t care if you probably had a little too much cake yesterday or if your arms are too weak to properly toss the flyer today. She is basically so strong she could lift everybody in the team alone. Actually she could probably lift the whole team alone. Also great to be friends with if you move to another apartment.

Plus: Gives every stunt the mandatory stability.

Minus: When she’s not there, your stunts might get a little shaky.

4) The Princess

If practice lasts longer than five minutes and nobody has complained about aching body parts yet, she’s probably not here today. The Princess is sensitive to pretty much everything. It’s too hot or too cold in the gym, her legs hurt because she walked “at least 40 miles yesterday” (fridge and back), now her back hurts, as you certainly caught her completely wrong or she can’t practise today, for she still has a small bruise from seven weeks ago. Basically, she’s the one that you just cannot stand anymore after training for weeks with a serious injury and giving your all for the squad.

If you have read Issue 1 of “5 cheerleaders you surely know”, you should pair her with the one that’s too much into it. She might still complain, but trust us, she will only do it once.

Plus: Well,… she might be nice?

Minus: God, how annoying she is.

5) The one that gives it all

The opposite of the princess. This gal will be there to cheer with you and can’t be stopped by anything. A broken thumb, a bruised arm or a sprained ligament aren’t worth more than a minor comment about why she’s wearing a cast. She loves cheerleading and can’t be brought down by anything. She lives the spirit that you need in your team and therefore is an absolutely great teammate.

Plus: Never lets you down, never lets you fall.

Minus: None, if you’re not the princess.

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