How to make this season to YOUR season!

This is what cheerleading makes so great and fascinating – being the center of attraction when your team is just out on an amazing performance and hits zero. But before all those great performances and exciting competitions comes practice! To get the most out of your practice this season and to make the season yours you might need a few tips in advance!

We have a few things we want to let you know which will help you to get completely ready for the new cheerleading season!

With a little guidance we want to help you increase the efficiency in your next training sessions so your team will always conquer the floor.

This is your season!

Get ready for the season!

Cheerleading is just as much mental as it is physical. So even though you are not practicing as much in the gym as you would during the season, you will not be losing any of your momentum when you train your mind. If you visualize your practice, it is just as effective as going to practice. By staying mentally active during the off season, you will be able to better mentally prepare yourself for the next season. Were you distracted by other players? What about factors outside of football that upset you during game time? You can begin to build mental toughness through a variety of different body mind exercises that will thoroughly prepare you for next season. If you speak to your coaches who might be experienced in the best cheer preparation they will be able to give you specific exercises that will prepare you for the next season!

How to make yourself train harder – At the beginning of every season, you need to know what you are working with as far as talent goes. After stretching at the beginning of each practice, work with your coach to have a 15-30 minute jumps and tumbling session. Here, your coach will be able to observe who the premier tumblers and jumpers are this year, and those who are a little behind and can use this time to improve. Next, your coach should have a stunt session, starting with beginner stunts. Coach should start grouping people up who will work well together.

How to improve your cheerleading flying!

The first and most important tip is: Don’t be afraid! When stepping into your stunt never look down to prevent falling. Look straight ahead or up and focus on the counting rhythm and tighten your muscles. When you jump into your stunt or cradle down always remember what exactly to do on which count. Focus on the stunt! Focus on what you are going to do. Trust your bases. It makes everything feel faster and after a while you will get very comfortable with it and it becomes a routine.

What gives you Fierceness

Cheerleading is a wonderful team sport so you always have someone to build you up. The key to confidence is to have a good support system around you and people who will always encourage you. Cheerleading also requires very difficult skills so if you keep pushing and try out new stunts, accomplishments will truly show you what you are capable of!

How to put on a great performance!

Cheerleading is an insanely competitive sport and all of us would like to win every competition. But don’t forget it is also about improving your own skills and the team spirit. You are not going to win every battle but you can always beat yourself! It’s not all about winning but about hitting zero because hitting zero has become an increasingly popular goal focus!

Be unique!

Choosing the right clothes for your training is essential, not only for your own motivation but also for safety reasons especially in a dangerous sport as Cheerleading. Our SWEDISH FALL training gear in unique designs fits your skin perfectly and contributes to a perfect, flattering fit, while the innovative Anti-Slip Silicone Dots applied on the hips provide a greatly improved, safer grip.

Get ready for Next Level Cheer Wear!

Get ready for your best season ever!

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