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Cheerleading is all about performance, but of course you want to look fierce and beautiful as well. We have collected some of the best tips & tricks to complete your personal cheer style.

This Week: How to prepare your competition make up

Summer is there and competition season is over for most of us, but preperation for the next season has already started again. Last time we have told you about how to prepare the perfect ponytail so this time we will show you the most important steps for having the best make up on the floor.

What you need:

Foundation and eventually a foundation stick
Normal Powder
Bronzing Powder (Light and Dark)
Powder Blush

Brow Pencil and Brow Gel
Eyelash Primer
Eye Shadow - Best to use a palette with four colours
Eye liner


How to prepare:

1) Try different styles weeks before the competition
First of all, it is always good to try your make up before you really apply it for competition. Meet with your team after practice and carefully decide about the style you want to wear. The colours should match your outfit so it might be a little time consuming to find the right materials, but it will definitely pay off. Additionally, you should fully make up about two weeks before the competitions and be sure about, whether that´s the one you want to you with or not. It might be helpful to compare two different styles by using one for each eye.

2) For once: more is more
Have you ever tried to see someones facial expression from more than 10m/33ft? Now think about that the person might move a lot. That´s how the judges feel - not that easy, is it? Therefore, your make up should support your facial expression and should be slightly "too much", in order to make your teeth shine whiter, your eyes look bigger and your expressions look stronger

3) Make Up
First of all, apply your foundation. It should match your skin colour in the best possible way, but as you will apply a lot more afterwards , it is not a tragedy if you only have one at hand that is just close to. For any spots that your foundation does not cover properly, use a foundation stick. Then apply your normal powder to finish the base.

Continue with your light Bronzing powder and then use the darker one to define your cheek bones. If you look in the mirror and you think "Wow, that´s a lot of make up" you´ve probably hit it right on spot. Addtionally, apply your powder blush above and on your cheek bones to strengthen the effect.

Enough powder for the moment. 

Let´s continue with your eyes and your brow pencil. Obviously, the lighter the hair of your eye brows, the more you should use it. If you like the look, apply some brow gel to keep your brows in place for the whole exhausting day of competition. For the same reason, prepare your eyes with some eyelash primer before applying the eye shadow.

As always, your apply it from the inner to the outside of your eye and from the lightest to the darkest colour. An advise that we really like is to use a really, really dark colour on the outside - like e.g. black or a dark blue - to give your look a little more drama and highlight your eyes even more. Finish the whole thing up with your eye liner and wing it.
When it comes to the Mascara you should keep 2) in mind and use more than you would usually use. Finally, you apply as much glitter as you have agreed on to your eyes and you are done with that part.

Now you only have to use your lipstick - Done.

After a couple of times you should need about 10-20 minutes to finish the complete style.

4) Prepare for competition

A competition day is long and you never know what happens so be sure to take all your make up utensil with you. Also check our article about what to take to competition to ensure you did not forget anything else.

5) Tips and Advises

This is just a brief tutorial about what you need and how t prepare for competition. If you need a video tutorial or a little help to properly apply your make up, we can recommend this one.

Go out there, rock the floor and look fierce as never before!

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