Cheerleading around the globe - England

The USA are – without any doubt – the motherland of cheerleading and numeral still the biggest cheer community worldwide. Nevertheless, you can find all kind of squads from dance to senior coed, around the globe. 8beats is showing you how cheerleading differs around the world, how teams train in different countries and what you have to know about our sport in their country. 

Have you ever met cheerleaders from other countries and were surprised about how much their experience differs from yours? Then this is the perfect series to learn more about how cheerleading works around the globe. Each month we will interview a cheerleader from a different part of the world and a different categorie. You would like to tell us how YOU train? Do not hesitate and send us an e-mail right away to We are looking forward to it! And now enjoy this weeks series!

Cheerleading around the globe - England & UK

Latest since the Worlds 2017 and the fantastic performance of Team England with a gold and a silver medal, the UK are globally known as a cheerleading powerhouse country. Moreover, they have shown great engagement for the paracheer movement and accordingly can call some extraordinarily good athletes part of their team. Additionally, nowhere in Europe you will find more cheerleaders than in England and the UK. Accordingly, we are more than happy to this time have 2017 World Champion Liv with us.

Name: Liv
Age: 15
Team: Unity Allstars Ruby and Team England All Girl 2017
Cheers since: 2011
Favourite Stunt: Switch Kick Double Basket

How popular is cheerleading in England and the UK?

Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in England and the UK, including in schools in addition to Allstar Cheer. Because it blends acrobatics, tumbling, gymnastics and dance, there is something for everyone. It really helps to improve self-confidence and being in a team, you develop lifelong friends.

How many cheerleaders are currently competing in England and the UK?

I would estimate at least 20,000 athletes ranging from ‘Tinys’ through to seniors compete at some point throughout the year.

You made it to the top: Champion at the Worlds. Can you tell us more about your experience there and the feeling being a medal winner?

I never thought that I would win Worlds. I dreamed that I would, but I never expected to, especially not at my age.

After not our best run on Day 1, I honestly didn’t expect us to qualify in first. When I found out I couldn’t believe it! I think we really felt the pressure going into day 2 though because we knew we had the ability to win. Despite this, we went out there and hit zero!

Coming off that floor, I experienced the best feeling I have had in my cheer career. None of us could contain ourselves; we were emotional wrecks. When I heard England had won gold, I was shocked. And standing upon the podium singing the National Anthem is something I will never forget.

Are you going for gold in 2018 again?

Next season I am hoping to represent Team England Junior All Girl Advanced. This is the first time England have entered a team into the ICU Junior Worlds and to win another gold would be unbelievable.

Except yours, which English team would you recommend watching?

Personally, I always enjoy watching Coventry Dynamite Ignite as they have exciting routines and great performance. Also, I would recommend watching Unity Allstars Black next season as they are returning to level 6.

In   which   ways   is   cheerleading   in   England   and   the   UK   different from cheerleading in other parts of the world?

I’m not sure cheerleading is different in the UK from the rest of the world, as other countries are working really hard and succeeding in closing the gap between them and the US.

Your favourite international team except yours?

My favourite international team has to Cheer Sport Great White Sharks. I love the performance and execution of their routines; they never fail to amaze me. Watching them truly inspires me to be the best I can at my sport.

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