Cheerleading around the globe - Vol.3

The USA are – without any doubt – the motherland of cheerleading and numeral still the biggest cheer community worldwide. Nevertheless, you can find all kind of squads from dance to senior coed, around the globe. 8beats is showing you how cheerleading differs around the world, how teams train in different countries and what you have to know about our sport in their country. 

Have you ever met cheerleaders from other countries and were surprised about how much their experience differs from yours? Then this is the perfect series to learn more about how cheerleading works around the globe. Each month we will interview a cheerleader from a different part of the world and a different categorie. You would like to tell us how YOU train? Do not hesitate and send us an e-mail right away to We are looking forward it! And now enjoy this weeks series!

Cheerleading around the globe - Austria

Austria is a country located in the centre of Europe and hosts an estimted amount of 8.6 million inhabitants. Despite being comparable small, Austria is famous for its highly competitive dance teams.

Name: Theresia Maurer-Lelard
Age: 34 years old
Team: Milleniumdancers Dance Team

Check their Insta: milleniumdancers

Cheers since: 2003

Favourite Stunt: Toe Touch

How popular is cheerleading in Austria?

Cheerleading and Cheerdance are very popular in Austria for already a long time. There are more than 30 clubs with almost 2000 cheerleaders and cheerdancers.

How many cheerleaders are currently competing in Austria?

At the Austrian National championships about 900 athletes compete every year in multiple divisions.

Did your team already compete at Worlds? If yes, tell us about your experience.

My team the Milleniumdancers is currently 11 times Austrian Champion and reigning European Champion in the Performance Pom and Jazz senior categories. We already went to the ICU cheerleading World Championships in Orlando in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. We also additionally competed at the Dance Worlds in 2011/2013 and 2015. It has always been a great experience to represent the Milleniumdancers and Austria at the World Championships. We always reached top spots and we currently holding our 6th place in the world in the Performance Pom category seniors. Our biggest success was a Vice World Championship Titel in 2014 in the double dance Jazz category and a 4th place in the Jazz category in 2013 at the international championships. It's such an amazing feeling to compete against the best teams of the world and show your limits. A travel to the US also bonds the team together and it is for everyone of the team a lifetime experience you will not forget.

Except your one, which Austrian team would you recommend watching?

There are really good cheer teams in Austria, too. Especially the Vienna Vikings and the Danube dragons are also very successful at international championships.

In which ways is cheerleading in Austria different from cheerleading in other parts of the world?

In Austria cheerleading is very much like in the US as we always look to be and train like the best teams in the states. The differences t to countries like in Finnland or Norway is that Cheerleading and cheerdance is not a school sport and it is mainly organized in club teams. In Austria we are not yet recognized by the BSO sport organization. our association tried it already for a long time and it is still some way to go but we are fighting harder then ever to get the official recognition of our sport as soon as possible!

Your favourite international team?

Talking about dance teams it is definitely Minnesota.

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