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8beats is a blog from cheerleaders for cheerleaders. Therefore, we are more than happy, if we receive articles from athletes around the globe in which they tell us something about their relation to cheerleading, their practice, their teammates or their cheerleading lifestyle.

This time: Ann-Sophie, Germany

This week, we have received a great article of talented Ann-Sophie from Germany, who also publishes her personal blog "la vie est belle" in which she tells us more about herself and of course about her daily routine with cheerleading.

Accordingly, this weeks article deals with some ups and downs through which you go, if you are a cheerleader and particulary those ones that you should be aware of before starting.

Worlds 2017 are already over again and it is finally time for tryouts. I started cheerleading quite a while ago and can still remember my tryouts and how much less I knew about cheerleading back then. Accordingly, I put some things together that you should know about before applying for a team and starting to cheer. Not all of those points might be suitable for giving a motivational speech, but remember that whatever it costs: cheerleading will give it back to you twice and every effort will be worth it.


Cheerleading is not like the most teamsports. Here you need everyone, if only one person is missing your whole group cannot stunt and the team cannot do the pyramid, how they are suppost to do. If you have problems with school or how to get into the gym think twice if you start, or talk to your coaches (e.g. car sharing).

Learning something completely new

First it might be a bit overwhelming, new people, crazy terms and doing weird things with your body. But after a while you get used to it. The people become your second family, words make sense and you will be proud about all the things you‘ve learned.

Financial Issues

Sadly cheerleading is an expensive sport. The uniform, practice wear, shoes and competitions cost quite a bit. Be sure, whether you are able to provide the mandatory financial resources or not and if you have any problems, have a talk with your coaches. Most gyms try to support their athletes as good as they can.

Making Memories

Cheerleading is not just the practice in the gym, it is so much more! Teamactivties, camps and competition will make the best memories and that‘s what it is all about: the team bond is so intense, you are not just doing sport together, you truly become one family. Cheerleading is hard, but also the sport I personally enjoy the most, because of my team.


Everybody who has ever watched an awesome cheerleading routine knows how much effort you put into it, to make it look that easy. But things are not always working out perfectly fine, so you should be aware of the fact that injuries might occur. The most important thing is to stay positive and come back stronger than ever before!

Making friends all around the globe

Having friends from other cheersquads is the best. It shows the sportsmanship we all appreciate and it is so much fun meeting them at competitions or when you‘re visiting their city. Benefit: you always have some cheer gossip to talk about ;-)

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