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Here you can find all the questions & answers to our influencer program. If you have questions regarding your order, shipping or return please take a look at our general FAQs. You can find them here.

About Your Acceptance

The first step after applying
What do I need to do as an Influencer?
What does it mean to be part of the team?
Do I need to buy a product to be part of the team?
Will I enter a contract as an Influencer?
I don’t want to receive emails anymore!
Can I mention SWEDISH FALL on my Instagram profile?

Your Codes

Where do I enter my discount code?
My code doesn’t work. What can I do?
My 50% discount code doesn’t work after my 3rd purchase. What can I do?
Can I only purchase one item with my code?
For how long are the 50% discount code and the 10% community code valid?
Can I use more than one discount codes?
Do I have to use my code first in order for my followers to use theirs?
What is the Weekly Update?

Reposts & Pictures

What will be posted on Instagram?

About Your Order

How is the sizing?
My product is out of stock!
Where do I enter my discount code?
What payment options do you have?
Can I order for my friends or teammates?
Can I exchange my product?
Can I return my product?
My product is damaged. What can I do?


Are there any rules I need to follow?


If you couldn't find the answer you were looking for in our FAQs, feel free to reach out to us. If you have questions on an existing order, please always provide your order number.
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