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Material + Technology

When it comes to our gear, we’re kind of obsessed with technical performance and innovation. Learn about the fabrics and technologies we use to help keep you at the top of the game.

Signature Performance

We use our buttery-soft Athlete Generetics Fabrics to create an incomparable garment experience that helps you performing at your best - Our Athlete Generetics fabric is soft but still supple and tight. It guarantees a 100% motivation boost for your next workout. The Athlete Generetics fabric gives you high-opacity coverage and really feels like a second skin.

Sooth & Soft

Have you ever worn a sweatpants too nice to take off? You will definitely fall in love with our hoodies and sweatpants from our Comfy Collection. Our Velvet Generetics fabric with a buttery-soft feel gives you 100% relaxation.

Movement Managed

Our tops and bottoms are equipped with a strong and supportive elastic band that provides high support with every movement. Our strong elastic bands will not make your next workout less exhausting, but let you focus on your goals even better. All our tights are high-rise tights that move with you no matter how hard your next practice will be.

Silicone Wonder

Whether you are a dancer, gymnast or gym girl - Our Silicon Grip Technology is a must have for all our athletes! The non-slip silicon applications on our tights and shorts give better grip during your challenging workouts. For those of our athletes who don’t need any grip: The silicon applications look absolutely fantastic and redefine the contours of your body.
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