Conditions of Participation for Instagram Prize-Winning Games of SWEDISH FALL GmbH of 17.08.2017

By using the Instagram page and the accompanying SWEDISH FALL GmbH (Schulstraße 12, 25335 Elmshorn) applications, the user accepts the following conditions of participation:


Data Protection
The users/participants declare their agreement to SWEDISH FALL GmbH storing their data. The data obtained is used only for generating and notifying winners and for internal marketing purposes. The participant data will not be used for any other advertising purposes or forwarded to third parties. The winners declare their agreement, in particular, to being mentioned on the SWEDISH FALL website and/or SWEDISH FALL Instagram page.

The Instagram page and its applications are built on Instagram technologies. When you use the Instagram page and its applications, data is automatically transferred to the Instagram server in the context of Instagram’s Usage and Data Protection Regulations.

Beyond that, the pages of SWEDISH FALL GmbH are in no way connected with Instagram and are in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram. The recipient of the information provided by the participant is not Instagram, but SWEDISH FALL GmbH.

In principle, in the framework of the Instagram page and the accompanying applications only the personal data required for showing the web page and its applications are collected (e.g. the data corresponding to voting, issuing vouchers, prize-winning games, newsletter registration etc.).


Special Regulation for Running Prize-Winning Games/Competitions
The data collected during prize-winning games is only used for generating and notifying winners and internal marketing purposes; they are not used for other advertising purposes or forwarded to third parties. The winners declare their agreement, in particular, to being mentioned on the SWEDISH FALL Instagram fan page

The deadline for participation in the Instagram prize-winning game of 17.08.2017 of SWEDISH FALL GmbH is 20.08.2017. The time the participation is received is decisive. Winners are decided at random.
In order to participate, following steps are to be fulfilled:

  1. Tag two friends or gym bag lovers
  2. Repost the pic to your Instagram Story
  3. Follow us on Insta


If it concerns a competition with contribution to be sent in (e.g. texts, photos, videos), by sending in their contribution to SWEDISH FALL GmbH users also transfers a usage right unlimited by content, territory and time, in particular for duplication, distribution and making it publicly accessible in all media. The user who has posted the best contribution is the winner. A jury of SWEDISH FALL GmbH or users decides the winner. SWEDISH FALL GmbH reserves the right to check contributions before publication and not to approve unsuitable contributions.

If asked for it, users must provide information, particularly on the following points, to participate successfully in the competition: first name, surname, E-mail, address, country. The users agree to the storage of this data for the purpose of proper running of the competition. Users who do not fully submit the information given above to SWEDISH FALL GmbH will not participate in determining the winners. Notification of winners is free to the winners. At the end of the competition, any winners shall be informed by comment or DM of their win and of further instructions on sending or collection of the prize.

SWEDISH FALL GmbH reserves the right to be able to interrupt or terminate the prize-winning game without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. That particularly applies if the prize-winning game cannot run as planned, for example, if there are any software or hardware faults and/or for other technical and/or legal reasons which affect the regular and proper running of the competition.


Special Rule for Participation in Prize-Winning Games/Competitions
All natural persons of the age of majority are authorised to participate. Participation is only possible for registered public Instagram users. Employees of SWEDISH FALL GmbH and associated companies of the same group of companies and their associates or office-holders and those in public service under particular obligations are excluded from participating in the prize-winning games/competitions.

 Game syndicates and automated prize-winning game services are not authorised to participate. Prizes are neither transferable nor is a cash payout or exchange of win possible.

 SWEDISH FALL GmbH reserves the right to exclude users from participating in the prize-winning games. This particularly applies to contraventions of the conditions of participation. Also excluded are users who use unreasonable or unpermitted aids, provide untrue information on their person or get or try to get advantages by manipulation. In these cases, SWEDISH FALL GmbH reserves the right also subsequently to express exclusions from participation in prize-winning games and subsequently to denounce and withdraw wins. Legal redress is excluded.


Should individual provisions of the conditions of participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation remain unaffected. In its place a reasonable regulation applies which corresponds as close as possible to the purpose of the ineffective provision. SWEDISH FALL GmbH reserves the right to change the conditions of participation at any time.

All questions, comments and complaints on the promotion are to be sent not to Instagram, but by E-mail to