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Hej 👋

Welcome to the original.


You just met the brand that is defined by its community.

Here, unique style ideas are created, new fits developed and trends set, and a lot of fuss is made about the brand. But not by us - by you.

SWEDISH FALL is more than just an activewear brand. We believe in the community behind it where you forget the social pressure of tomorrow and just be who you are. #BeautyIsInEveryone

- Gen Z


It's up to you.

So, what's next in your wardrobe? We don't know (yet), but you certainly do. Do you prefer high- or low-waist tights? Have you followed the "Black is my happy color"-rule or can you just not get enough of beautiful colour palettes?

These are the exact questions that keep us going every day, striving to let you glow with our next collections. With your decisions you can not only benefit from collections and a brand that are 'defined by you', but also from products that keep you at the top of the game.

We are you.

Together, we want to create a community that supports each other - a community of self-confident, sports-oriented and cohesive high-powered women. Incidentally, we want to provide you with premium activewear at unbeatable prices. This way, we create a team that has nothing to stand in its way.

Every member of our team is looked after 24/7 by the rest of the team, as they are the ones who make up our brand. They are creating our brand, they get access to exclusive deals and above all one thing: They are a strong part of us.


Follow us, you won't get lost.

The idea

With high-quality activewear and a strong team behind SWEDISH FALL, we believe we can create great things. We don’t make clothes for fit women; we want to create the entire experience and the community around the brand in such a way that all women can be stronger than they were yesterday.
A community that inspires you towards an active, confident and sustainable lifestyle, more self-confidence and acceptance in our fast-changing world.

- Lara & Silja, Founding twins

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